About Interchangeable Jewelry

About Interchangeable Jewelry
Welcome to Oh Snap Trio Jewelry. We sell a new style of interchangeable jewelry that features unique fashion "snaps" or "buttons" you snap in and out of our stylish base pieces of jewelry.
You can create and re-create jewelry that expresses YOUR personality, any way you choose! There's a snap for every style, and every occasion.   
Changing Our Snaps
Removing your snap is easy, simply pry out using your finger or even a guitar pick works well. To change your Snaps, simply pry out using your finger. The Snap will detach from the finding and can quickly be removed and replaced with a new
Wear and Care of Snaps and Snap Jewelry 
Our snaps are high quality material and plated.
Care should be taken to prevent silver tarnish build-up, a dulling that naturally occurs when silver reacts with sulfur or hydrogen sulfide in the surrounding air. To clean your silver, use a fine silver polishing cloth. These are available at most hardware stores or specialty craft stores. Tarnish is most easily removed when it first becomes visible! So keep an eye out for it! Although wearing your silver often is the best way to prevent it to be tarnished , regular cleanings of all your silver items will prevent tarnish and keep your silver bright, sparkling, and beautiful. 
Our Snaps would also like you to know that they are extremely allergic to any kind of water or liquid cleaners, so please keep us out of the bath and remove us before washing your hands. Though we look really good lounging by the pool, please don't take us into the water.